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Olympiad competitions are reputed as the best competitions in every
part of the world and India is not an exception either, best of the best
scholars from all reputed schools takes part in this competition, which
is held in almost every subject being taught in our schools. Math
Olympiad in India is pretty famous among students and teachers and
almost every scholar dreams about being part of this prestigious
competition and goes through various traditional and online mathprograms

to do well in this competition.



So, for helping our students preparing for Math Olympiad in India,
here we are with some information about Math Olympiad. Here is
information about the total process of this competition, including
stages and programs during the program, thus one can prepare themselves
for the same with variety of online math lessons and programs that can
help them to achieve the desired goal.
Math Olympiad the WholeProcess:

Selection Process:
One should know that Math Olympiad is an international competition
and winners of the competition get huge opportunities for higher studies
and a glorious career, so one has to practice hard through online math
lessons thus he can make big in Math Olympiad. Now to reach that level
one has to go through INMO (Indian National Math Olympiad) which is
conducted by MO Cell in February month of each year.
Starting At School:
Your persuasion for MathOlympiad

always starts from getting good in
mathematics and numeric problems. One can do that by practicing mantle
math on regular bases and getting better and better with numbers.

Going for RMOTC:
RMOTC is Regional MathOlympiad

Training Camp, being organized by MO
cell in various parts of India, this is a condition camp for all
aspirants who are looking forward to make big in Math Olympiad in India
and International.

Regional Math Olympiad orsay RMO is the official start of Olympiad;
it is a state level competition, where candidates from each state
compete with each other to get ahead in the next level of the
competition. This year’s RMO is scheduled to be held on 1st of December
in two sessions 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 4 P.M.
(students of class IX to XII can apply for RMO)

Note: If you are looking forward to participate in RMO, you can apply now as the applications areopen till October 31, 2013.

There are various prizes and scholarships available for the students
who do well in this competition i.e. Mukul Chaudhuri Memorial Prize,
Another training camp being held by MO Cell in Kolkata every year,
all the winners of RMO will attend this camp and get prepared for the
next level of competition. INMOTC is known for their extensive math
and math lessons that help all aspirants to getready for the
international level of competition.

Al though dates of next time camp is not decided yet but the venue is same as always (ISI,Kolkata).

INMO or say Indian National Math Olympiad, top rankers from each
region’s (27 regions in total) RMO takes part in INMO to fight for
representing India at the final stages of the competition. Each region
selects 30-35 students for the INMO and at most 6 students are selected
from Class XII. The INMO is held on the First Sunday of February each
year in Kolkata. It is a 4 hour test where student is supposed to solve 6
to 8 problems.
Committee selects 30 students for the next and final level of
competition and a bad news for class XII students as they don’t select
more than 6 students from class XII. From which 6 students goes and
participate in IMO.
Final Stage IMO:
International Math Olympiadis the final stage of competition where
teams from more than 100 countries competes to win this prestigious
competition and open the gates of large opportunities for  great career
and higher education through amazing scholarships and various other

IMO is six-problem, 42-point for four hour competition and next IMO
is scheduled to be held in Cape Town, which will be the 55th IMO.
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