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Purely in terms of price, Aakash is way ahead of Classpad in giving low cost Tablet as an option to a student. Even Ubislate, the upgraded version of Aakash scores better than the Tablet. However, what the Tablet loses in price, it compensates in features. Classpad has a 1.3GHz processor which is much more powerful than the processor available in both Ubislate (700MHz) and Aakash (366MHz). Additionally, Classpad’s 512MB of RAM is double of what is available in the other two Tablets.

Classpad Tablet

Classpad Tablet

The Tablet’s internal memory (4GB) is also double of that available in Aakash and Ubislate, although this crosses out since all three Tablets have the option of expanding the internal memory. Finally the Classpad Tablet has a capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 pixel resolution in comparison to Aakash’s resistive touchscreen with 800×480 pixel resolution. This basically means that the touchscreen quality is much better in Classpad since users will have to actually press the screen for it to work on the Aakash Tablet.

So it’s basically up to the user, whether they are willing to pay a little more for a better featured Tablet, or they are happy to stick to the cheapest Tablet in the world.

But if you look at the Tablet from a general perspective instead of that of a student, the Tablet actually competes with Tablets available in the under Rs 15,000 range (since the costliest model of Classpad is priced at Rs 14,000). These include iBall Slide (Rs 13,995), Reliance 3G tab (Rs 12,999), Beetel Teletech’s Beetel Magiq (Rs 9,999), Beetel Magiq II (Rs 9,799) and Beetel Magiq Glide (Rs.11,999), Mercury’s mTab (Rs 9,499), S Mobility’s MiTab (Rs 11,990), HCL’s ME X1 (Rs 10,490) and ME AE7-A1 (Rs 10,990) and MSI’s Enjoy 7 (Rs 13,999) and Enjoy 10 (Rs 14,999).


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